Torn between two sides of her family, each from a very different culture, she struggles to come to terms with the tragedy that's shaped her life since the day she was born. Everything about Mari is divided into bits. Even her own Zodiac sign isn't one but two, thanks to an unusual time of birth on the stroke of midnight between Leo and Virgo.

But perhaps this means a lot more than she first thought. Perhaps her Aunt's 'crazy' tales of astrology aren't so far off after all. Mari discovers a new layer of reality; one where the Signs are real, the world is split between twelve Isles, monstrous creatures roam the streets, and the predictions seen in the sky are law. This includes the prediction that she, the Golden Leo, will be the one to defeat this world's greatest evil.

Aided by the Statera, a team of powerful warriors born between two signs, Mari must learn to control the power she wields; before it controls her.

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