A Design That Captures The Essence of Your Novel – While Attracting Readers


Custom Ebook Covers

• High-quality Ebook cover, ready for uploading
• JPG and PDF files
• Up to 3 initial drafts
• Up to 3 rounds of changes
• Up to 3 stock images included


Custom Print & Ebook Covers

• High-quality print-ready wraparound cover including front, back and spine
• JPG and PDF files
• Up to 3 initial drafts
• Up to 5 rounds of changes
• Up to 4 stock images included


The Custom Cover Process

A step-by-step guide to how a cover is created – as a collaboration between author and designer



1. Submit your order request (no payment required until drafting stage)


2. We’ll first start by finding loose example covers in your genre that represent the look and feel of your book; and what elements you want to incorporate in your own cover.


3. Decide on key features; what key visuals can we use to represent your story?

Choosing Images

4. Pick from a selection of stock photos to find the right images for your story.


5. Three possible choices of font and layout, each with a different approach, will be presented to you. It’s your choice which one we’ll move forward with.


6. The final payment is made before we move forward with your cover.

Final Cover and Revisions

7. A final cover is created. The author’s job is to decide if there are any changes that have to be made. There can be a total of 3-5 revisions, until we reach the final result.

Time to Upload!

8. The final ebook and/or print cover will be sent to you in a high-resolution PDF, JPG, PNG, or another other file type, ready to upload to your desired publishing platform!